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Where one conversation can change your life

A new form of social Media


Mice.social is the first social platform to make anonymity its top priority. No phone numbers, no emails, no names.

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Access your profile on Mice.social with the Social Pass NFT in your wallet. It's just that simple.


You are no longer the product. Your data will never be for sale.  

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The website is completely controlled by its users. All site decisions will be voted on in the DAO.

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The Social Pass

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The social pass is your username and password to access Mice.social. After the social pass is transferred to another wallet, the previous owner's page is wiped to get ready for the next user.


Date:   Dec 4th, 2021 20:00 UTC 
Price:  0.5 $Sol
Supply: 2000

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Phase Breakout

Minimal viable product (P0)

1. NFT login

NFTs within the Modern Mice ecosystem will work as access passes allowing holders to create accounts on the platform. (Account will be wiped when NFT is sold).

2. Profile

Users will be able to create self-maintained profiles. Profiles will display self-provided information including contact info, a bio, as well as skills/interests. Users will be able to connect with other users and write on each other’s profiles.

3. Art

Users will have a separate tab on their profile to display their NFTs/art collection. At this stage all pfps/media on the platform will be verified NFTs held by the users.

4. Discovery

Able to discover others on the platform who hold the same interests, skills, or NFTs. Will work as a holder repository. Can be used to find/contact holders of specific NFTs.

5. History

Show profiles of previous owners of each NFT.

1. Creator Economy

Revenues from the sale of promoted posts/Ads on the platform will be collected and distributed to creators on the platform. The more interactions/engagements posts received the creators will be accredited points/coins. At the first of each month the ad/promotional revenues collected for the month will be exchanged for the points/coins.

2. Decentralization

Decentralize the backend to create a platform that cannot crash/be taken down by centralized/regulatory bodies

3. Referrals/Expansion

Mouse IDs to produce tokens for holders which can be sent/sold to others and grant access to the platform. Expand to incorporate other NFT collections/communities to take advantage of network effects. Strategically add features to expand into adjacent industries.

1. Feeds

Will allow users to create/interact with posts created by other users

2. Communities

Feeds that only can be posted to/viewed by members of each NFT community. New users are automatically added to these feeds if they hold one of that project’s NFTs. This will allow new community members to quickly discover/connect with their communities.


3. Professional

Will include “news’ and “jobs” tabs to allow users to discover and post professional/project opportunities as well as stay up to date on latest relevant happenings

4. Media

short form non-NFT media consumption. NFTs displayed on the site will show as verified.

5. Messaging

Build in messaging to allow for group chats/fluid communication between members

Full roll-out/Steady state (P1)


Long-term/Spaced out vision (P2)